Frequently Asked Quesitons

How does it work?
A special VoIP adapter that you connect to your home or office network converts voice traffic into digital data for transmission over the Internet. To that adapter you can connect any regular phone you like and make calls as usual. VOIP Freedom has special equipment that manages all calls you make so you always can reach the person you are calling and get excellent quality of voice. Further, you get numerous of additional features that you cannot have in traditional phone service. And... You save huge money making long distance and international calls.
What do I need to be able to use VOIP Freedom's service?
If you by our VoIP adapter only:
- A high speed internet,
- Open and valid checking account
- Regular Phone,
- Linksys PAP2 Phone adapter,
Will I still be able to use internet during a phone call?
- Yes
Will I be able to keep my existing phone number if I switch to VOIP Freedom?
- Yes. You would have to order porting of your number during signup process (50$) usually it takes 2 weeks to finish porting process.
What if I move houses, will I be able to keep my phone number and service?
- Yes. Just connect your VoIP adapter to Internet, make and receive calls as before. But you MUST change your address in your personal information to use 911 service properly, otherwise when you call 911, emergency will be sent to your old address
If I travel, can I use my IP phone?
- Yes, as long as you have internet (with min speed 128/kbs) you can use your IP phone.
Will I still be able to use 911 service?
- You can use 911 service only in Canada and USA. If you going another City for a long period of time and you think that you will need to use 911 you must register the new address.
Can I transfer calls to my cell phone?
- Yes, we have a special feature Follow Me, it allows you to transfer calls that come in your IP phone to any other phone number on your choice.
Can I track my payment, invoice and call history?
- Yes, you can do all that in your own personal folder, access to which you will get after you finish the signup process.
Does my computer need to be on to use your service?
- No, because your IP phone or VoIP adapter is connected directly to your router.
I don`t hear a dial tone, what should I do?
- First: check your internet connection
- Second: Make sure that all are wires connected properly and you have Internet on your computer connected to the same router
- Third: Disconnect and re-connect the telephone cable between the Router and telephone
- Call to customer support
Can I pay any other way besides using my Checking Account?
- For the moment, no. However we are currently in the process of aquiring a Credit Card method of payment.
Quality of voice suddenly decreased
- It might be happening because you or someone in your network using certain downloading programs or downloading big files, which slows down internet and affects your quality of voice.

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